Meet Our Thrivers

“I had my back to where the gunman came the people facing me saw it first..We were under the table as he made his way closer and closer to us..I didn’t feel fear or panic and I don’t know if that’s a reaction the body goes into.”

Helen Connolly

“They were thinking, ‘who in his right mind would think that he can even attempt this?’ But they had already seen my mindset and I needed that focus.”

Jaco Van Gass

“I was responding with peace rather than one more bitter person in the world who was vengeful.”

Anne Marie Cockburn

“I went upstairs to say ‘goodnight’ to her..but she wasn’t in her bed and out of the corner of my eye in the dim light I could see she was standing in her closet..(but) she wasn’t standing in her closet..Five days later, 900 people came to her wake.”

Eric Hodgdon

“Amanda was crying and she said, ‘I wish daddy was here’. I said, ‘I wish he was here too’ was an unbelievably bad time.”

Stacy Feintuch

“He was a very, very special and beautiful human being..I could not deny he was the right person for me..but to hear that Jason had committed these horrific crimes just broke everything into a million pieces, and that is where the journey began.”

Shannon Moroney

“I was sexually abused as a child from the age of three. When I think back to my childhood, I don’t have any happy memories. It was a sad time for me..there was always this secret.”

Suzanne Alden

“Because she always made fun of me and made fun of my body, I had no confidence in how I looked.”

Gayle Kirschenbaum

“I was terrified of everyone in a police uniform and thought they were going to kill me…I had to figure out how to continue living.”

Bjorn Ihler

“There were three Jewish boys in my class and no-one would talk to us. They were intimidated by fear. It was horrendous.”

Henry Wuga

“I found myself in Afghanistan..engaged in a war fighting an enemy that was extremely effective. War is a corrosive, caustic thing…”

Scott Mann

“I’ve watched too many people try to make other people happy and it takes away from their own joy. He loved me and he still made these choices. I had to understand it wasn’t about me -at all.”

Cortney Donelson

“I feel like I am living life in a way I haven’t before – very mindfully and with my emotions engaged in a way they’ve never been..”

Caryn Sullivan

“I felt really dirty. I was struggling with all of that..I was so desperate for help and I knew I would become an alcoholic or go to drugs. I knew I had to let people help me or my life would be over.”

Danielle Justus

“I did everything to deny who I was, because if you are not good enough for your mother, how do you reckon with that?”

Kim Honeycutt

“Okay, you lost your parents but..there is something else to share with the world rather than your victimised self.”

Valeria Palmertree

“When I saw the face (of the terrorist) I heard a voice inside saying ‘forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Kia Scherr

“She was standing in the shelter thin and malnourished, dirty clothes and she smelled..what could we do?”

Heather Oglesby

“You either live your life writing a story or telling one. I am trying to write one.”

Naeem Fazal

“I was 7 months pregnant..I learned my (then) husband had hired two friends to murder his father and the murder was carried out.”

Angie Mozilo

“I was raised in the wilderness for the first 12 years of my life..I forced my mother to leave..we all ended up in foster care..but we were all separated.”

Chloe Rachel Gallaway


“I started over..with 2 children, 2 months of outstanding mortgage payments, an empty refrigerator and $120..I realised I was in a very, very deep depression.”

Stephanie Hughes

“I had to recognise what this pattern was in my life, and it goes back to early childhood abandonment….This path I went on ..strengthened the neural networks that created the pattern in the first place.”

Mary Shores

“I was held captive in my hotel room by a gunman..It made me question what I wanted to do with my time on Earth.”

Emma Slade

“We heard the noise and everyone fell to their feet – we were each being shaken like a rag doll”

Row Smith

“He spent all our years together telling me that I was the one who was mentally ill and that had emotionally scarred me”

Vikie Shanks

“I have gone from being this Trans person who was homeless and really struggling – to being this Trans person who is the spokesperson for the Trans Community.”

Aiden Berzins

“I was sentenced to 25 to life for being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm..I was really scared..I didn’t know if I would ever get out..I realised that I was the problem, and I was also the solution. I had the power to create something different.”

Kenyatta Leal

“The woman that killed my child was drunk, she..picked him up from childcare.She had been drinking and hit a tree….people just showed support us.”

Mark Susnow

“He provided a list of things he wanted me to do as his partner..I had to prove myself to him..I heard him packing his things and I realised I hadn’t done enough to save this marriage.”

Kelsey Leighton

“I was diagnosed with HIV, and at that time it was a death sentence…I was diagnosed later with Leukemia..I stopped my cancer treatment but John died holding my hand”

John Andrew

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