The True You, by Emma J Bell

The True You, by Emma J Bell


The True You is a step – by – step system which will enable you to feel calm, confident and empowered – every day. The True You will show you how to discard your old programming, uncover who you authentically are, and develop a powerfully positive way of seeing yourself and your potential. You will learn how to adopt the transformational habits that lead to lifelong success and happiness, through a unique four-step system. You will feel calm and empowered to deal confidently with any situation, rediscovering joy at work and home.

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EmmaBell-2If you often feel invisible, then your thinking, behaviour and how you relate to your children, husband, wife, partner, friends and work colleagues is likely to be a result of your conditioning. Do you often feel guilty? Do you say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’? Are you struggling to be heard in relationships? Do you give too much? Do you keep having the same conversations with your teenage daughter, your partner, your mother?

I’ve found that these feelings and tendencies usually come from living according to our conditioning, rather than living authentically. Making your authentic self visible is an enlightening, exciting and rewarding process. That’s the process I write about in The True You. I give you the process for discovering who you truly are so that you can live a happy life and have fulfilling relationships. In The True You, I explain how you became invisible, and how you can become visible again and discover what will make you successful and happy – on your own terms.

I also share the golden rules for having great relationships with others, and how to overcome anxiety and fear and remain resilient for the rest of your authentically lived life.