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Stop Complaining If You Want To Build Mental Resilience

Imagine that you have arrived at work to find gun wielding customs officers and sniffer dogs in the office car park. One of the officers beckons you over to him. He is standing beside a white transit van and he throws open the doors to expose 8,000 kilos of drugs...

Passing On This Gift To You

Tears pricked my eyes as I listened to Chris Lantman's clear, unfaltering voice. He was reading the words of his partner, John (or 'Smiley' to those of us who knew and loved him) from the transcript of our interview at his home on the outskirts of San Francisco almost...

10 Self-Care Tips For Maintaining Wellbeing During Lockdown

I sat at her kitchen table on the silky sheepskin covering that softened the hardness of the wooden bench. Tears ran down my face as I listened to her tell me how the terrorists had stormed the restaurant at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai whilst she was dining there with...

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People who judge you are often themselves craving approval.