My hand gripped the edge of the wooden table as I waited for the file to download. My stomach was churning, my mouth dry. Three years of my life was contained in this single moment. I tapped the ‘play’ icon and heard my own voice rise from the phone, introducing my new book, ‘9 Secrets to Thriving’. It was a moment I had both dreaded and keenly anticipated. I don’t think anyone relishes the prospect of listening to their own voice, and I am no exception. I worried that my inner critic might prevent me savouring the experience of hearing three years of graft and growth come to life.

During the past few years I have travelled over 35,000 miles around the world to interview fifty ordinary people who are flourishing in the face of extraordinary adversity to understand those resilience strategies that enabled them to thrive. I have spent hours listening to their stories of pain and struggle, marvelling at their strength and resourcefulness and learning from their practical advice so that I can thrive in my own life too. This journey taught me that thriving is down to the choices that we make and the decisions we take on a daily basis. I discovered that those choices and decisions that the 50 Thrivers made in order to flourish were the same – and are available to us all. You can learn how to be resilient, just as you’ve mastered other life skills. You just need to know how, and the Thrivers’ Secrets hold the key.

I have been lucky enough to work with a remarkable team at Audible. They had been keen to secure exclusive rights to publish the audiobook once they heard about the research findings.

I wanted to inspire through the power of story and engage the listener by sharing insights from those who have bounced forward through struggle to be better than before. I believe that the Thriver’s stories and their practical advice will enable you as the listener to flourish in your own life too. The audiobook was everything I had hoped it would be – and more.

Between you and me, I enjoyed following the trials and tribulations of the
Thrivers in my own voice, but I especially enjoyed hearing the Thrivers voice their own insights. The variety of accents, pitch, pace and tones drew me in and involved me more deeply than I had dared to wish for.

Today is the culmination of those three years of exploration and revelation and you can download your own copy of 9 Secrets to Thriving here. I have been forever changed by meeting these extraordinary Thrivers, and I know you will be too.