As a coach my expertise lies in the personal development of individuals and in the relationship dynamics of senior teams. I have worked with hundreds of clients to make the shift on the inside to transform work, life and relationships on the outside so they become calmer, happier and more fulfilled. 

But why listen to me? Here’s what my clients say.

“Having Emma as my coach has meant a great deal to me. Having always had doubts about myself and how I was viewed by others, going through the coaching journey with Emma gave me some real insight and light bulb moments and now, for the first time in my adult life, I am content – and happy – with who I am. I have tools now, through Emma, that I use daily to make sure my thoughts are helpful to me and that I challenge those that aren’t. In having a better relationship with myself, it’s enabled me to start to have more meaningful relationships with others. 

Not only has my learning through Emma helped me personally, it’s also enabled me, in my career as a leader, to engage with others differently and help individuals think differently about themselves or situations they find themselves in.

I feel extremely lucky to have had the time I did with Emma, and also to have a her book to fall back on when I feel I need to reflect a little deeper on my thoughts/feelings.

Emma’s style as a coach is genuine, warm and insightful. A truly lovely lady and a very gifted coach.”


“Working with Emma for the last six months has been hugely beneficial to me. Not just in helping me decide how I should choose which direction to take in my career, but also in helping me better understand myself.

I’d spent years being unfulfilled deep down, not understanding what it was in my life that I was chasing, not understanding what was making me happy or unhappy and not listening to my gut reactions. Emma helped me strip things back to basics, to assess what I valued in life, what – in both work situations and in life in general – made me happy and crucially what behaviours and situations I found repellent. This enabled me to understand what was most important to me in my life, and to have an internal check-list to make the choice (yes, the choice is ours) about what path to follow.

I was finally able to understand what my programmed core belief and deepest fear was. To understand where that came from, when and why that thought would enter my head, and how to embrace it and choose what to do with it. One of Emma’s greatest insights is that “you are only ever one thought away from feeling differently” and that is so empowering.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to benefit from Emma’s coaching. If I was asked to describe her approach in three words I’d say she was “Patient. Perceptive. Practical”. If you have the chance to work with Emma, I would recommend you grab it with both hands. A lovely person and and superb coach. Thank you Emma.”


“I will be forever grateful for the coaching sessions I had with Emma. Above all else they taught me the importance of identifying and pursuing goals that were truly my own. Emma guided me to scratch beneath the surface and that led me to the realisation that the path I was on wasn’t one I wanted for myself. And better still, she helped me to see that I could choose a different, more rewarding path! 

Emma has an incredible mix of skills. She’s one of those rare, truly genuine people who engages with you fully every time you meet. She understands the challenges and expectations of the working environment but also the importance of living a fulfilled life, which means her advice and guidance is both practical and inspiring. 

Professionally, and personally, I’m in a completely different place to where I was before my sessions with Emma. I’ve seized opportunities that the old me would have been too scared to take and I finally, finally believe that I am capable. It’s a wonderful snowball effect and I’m so very thankful to Emma for kick starting that.”