23 Feb 2017

Shifting the Perspective of a Stranger – by The Cake Lady


In my blog last week, I talked about how we can each shift the perspective of a stranger – without knowing it. I shared my recollection of a conversation with the Cake Lady (a.k.a Fiona) – and now you can read Fiona’s account.

‘A chance meeting

It was the 23 December 2015. I was travelling to work with a box of salted caramel cupcakes that I had baked for someone in the office.

A stranger sat across from me on the train – she was wearing a pink woollen coat. She eyed the box of cupcakes sitting on the table in front of me and smiled. ‘Where did you get those?’ she asked. I told her I had made them – as well as eighteen Christmas cakes – which my husband was delivering to my office later that day, so that I could hand them over to my grateful friends and colleagues.

The stranger’s name is Emma and she travelled with me all the way to Glasgow. She got to know me. As our connection developed, I explained that I’d been making wedding, birthday and special occasion cakes in my spare time for years.

Emma asked me if I longed to do more with my cake-making passion. I really did – but I just didn’t know how to go about it. I was working full time and had a busy home life – it seemed to me that my dream of spending more time doing what I loved could never become a reality.

Emma gently shifted my perspective. She asked me lots of questions. She encouraged me to approach my boss to enquire if I could work part time so that I could build up my cake business.

A month later, after a lot of thought and discussion with my husband, I did just that. My boss was supportive and agreed that I could work 3 days a week from whenever it suited me. I was so happy. I had made the shift!

I started working part time on 1 August 2016 and have not looked back. I enjoy every minute I’m at home baking and learning new skills – like chocolate making. I’m setting up my website and learning to use my Facebook page to show my creations off.

Filicious Cakes and Treats is my business and I love what I do. The balance of working in Glasgow and working at home is perfect. I am so pleased I took the step to shift my life the way I have.

I have been looking out for Emma on the train for months now – to thank her. Our chance conversation made me take the first step. I met her the other night on the way home from work and told her all about my new venture – and, more importantly, I thanked her for her help.

A chance meeting on the train led me to shift my life for the better.’

As humans, we have the gift of connection. What will you do today to Shift the mood, the attitude or even the life of another through your connection with them?

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