29 Jul 2016

Do You Want To Make The Shift From Old Thinking To New Thinking – Or Stay Stuck Where You Are?


Do you keep having the same thoughts over and over again?

Do you keep having the same thoughts over and over again? If so, you’re not alone. It’s rumoured that 90% of the thoughts you think today will be the same as the thoughts you had yesterday. If the average number of thoughts we have every day is 60-70k, then 54k of those will be recycled from yesterday.

Old thoughts cause us to repeat the same old patterns.

Old thoughts cause us to repeat the same patterns, day in, day out. Your brain is running the same software and so you’ll continue to get the same output. You are repeating the same thinking habits and behavioural and relationship rituals that got you to where we you are now. If you’re not yet living your optimum life, then it’s time to get some new thinking.

New thinking is life-changing.

New thinking occurs when you make yourself completely visible; you are clear about who you are, what’s important to you and you understand that you have a choice about how your respond to your circumstances. You can only be the best of which you are capable when you consciously apply new thinking to life as it unfolds before us.

“Problems cannot be solved from the same mindset that created them”

Albert Einstein.

Challenge everything you believe to be true.

If you apply old thinking to a problem that was created by old thinking, you’ll continue to be stuck with the problem. To create new thinking you have to challenge everything you believe to be true. Interrogate your assumptions to see if they are serving you in being the best of which you are capable. Your assumptions are lurking everywhere – in what you think about the intentions of others, in how you see your own capability. If you’ve been told all your life that it’s important to fit in, you’ll be hungry for the approval of others. You’ll behave in a way that’s most likely to get you that approval. Who you truly are becomes lost in the process. In fact, you become more and more afraid to be your true self, because you have allowed that story – one that someone else gave you – to rule your life. You are invisible to yourself and others because you have allowed your fear of rejection to manipulate the personality you project to the world. Old thinking wins again.

New thinking will change your life.

What if you started looking for some original ideas? What if you chose a single thought that shifted the direction of travel by 1 degree? Like a ship’s navigation system, a change in direction of one degree now will mean the arrival at an entirely new destination in a few months time. That single idea might feel scary at first, but that’s only because it’s new. You’ll know it’s an authentic thought if it feels true for you and aligns with what you really value. That one idea could be that you are good enough as you are, and your opinion matters at least as much as that of others – especially about matters concerning your own life.

It just takes one new idea – what’s yours?

That one idea will shift you from under the weight of your conditioned thinking to living life more authentically and purposefully. You will move from invisible to being seen for who you truly are. That’s the path to happiness. What’s the one new thought you could have today that w