11 Jan 2016

Is it time for a reshuffle of your ‘mental‘ Board?


Imagine you are operating like a Limited Company for a moment (stick with me on this) and ask yourself ‘who is sitting on my ‘mental’ Board?’ If you’ve been lucky enough to have had some positive mentors then their belief in you will echo through your thinking and build your confidence in reaching the right decisions.  Fear is a natural consequence of stretching ourselves outside our comfort zone – and that’s always where the most exciting personal growth occurs. But if you are perpetually dogged by self doubt or question your decisions as you are making them, then it may be that there are some historic voices operating as members of your mental Board – and it’s time to send them packing.

As children, our brains begin as a “jumble of neurons.” Every input from each of the five senses then starts to form “programmes” in our brain. It’s critical that these programmes are established at the appropriate stage of development, because there is a “time window” for doing so; after the window closes, programming limits are set up that are difficult to overcome. It is the experience of your childhood that determines which neurons are used, just like a programmer reconfigures the circuits on a computer.

By the age of six, we have learned how to seek approval and adapt our behaviour in certain circumstances as part of our subconscious conditioning. We have already received thousands of messages, spoken and unspoken, which our subconscious mind has absorbed literally without the benefit of rational processing. In short, as a result of our development process, we have acquired thinking patterns, conditioned reflexes and concepts relating to ourselves and to our environment that we are not consciously aware of. They are sitting on our ‘mental’ Board like ‘old-timers’, whose contributions are no longer relevant.

These thinking patterns or beliefs are thoughts that you hold to be true to the extent that you no longer question them. Whatever your beliefs, your brain will do what it can to see the world in a way that is consistent with those beliefs. In short, that means that your subconscious thoughts (the out-of-date thinkers on your Board) are leading the direction of Yourself Ltd. If you want to increase your confidence, self-esteem, sense of calm and self-belief, then consciously choosing your thinking is a great place to start. In fact, nothing will change unless you get rid of the members of your mental Board whose contributions are no longer relevant, either to who you are now or to the future direction of the ‘business of you’.