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I have spent the past three years of my life researching those key strategies that make us resilient. I have travelled over 35,000 miles around the world to interview 50 of the world’s most resilient people. These are individuals who have faced radically different kinds of trauma but each of whom are thriving. I discovered the surprising truth that the same 9 key resilience strategies had enabled them not just to flourish in the face of adversity, but to thrive in the face of everyday challenges too. In my book ‘9 Secrets to Thriving’ I share the inspiring stories of the 50 Thrivers and their practical insights so that you can choose to thrive every day of your life too.

Resilience Webinars and Workshops

I have delivered online webinars and workshops to over two thousand people over lockdown on topics ranging from ‘How to Build a Resilient Mindset’, ‘Building Resilience on Purpose’ to ‘Building Resilient Relationships’ and more.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of a Resilience Webinar or Workshop for your business or workplace, please get in touch.

“That session was absolutely brilliant – thank you so very much.”

– Ali Rimell, In-house Counsel, InterGen.

“Probably the best and most useful speaker…she’s brilliant”

– Vistage online workshop attendee, London.

“This has been absolutely brilliant and will change my ability to thrive going forward.”

– NHSNSS webinar attendee.

“Emma wins my prize for the best speaker I’ve seen! The content was very powerful and new and it was very applicable and implementable.”

– Vistage online workshop attendee, Edinburgh.

The Signature Group Coaching Programme for Leaders

It has never been more important for leaders to build adaptability and resilience skills to thrive during an evolving post-pandemic situation.

Self- awareness and strong interpersonal skills are crucial if leaders are to drive change and support their employees remotely. Leaders need to know how to make homeworkers more resilient, how to support the wellbeing and mental health of their staff, how to maintain team spirit and a positive culture and how to engage and motivate people working atypically.

Leaders also need to stay focussed and make an impact so that organisational objectives are delivered at pace in an ever-changing environment.

The Signature Programme is an online group and individual coaching programme for leaders. There is a pre-qualifying process and the intake is limited to ten leaders per annum.

1 to 1 Coaching


I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to benefit from Emma’s coaching. If I was asked to describe her approach in three words I’d say she was “Patient. Perceptive. Practical”.

If you have the chance to work with Emma, I would recommend you grab it with both hands. A lovely person and and superb coach. Thank you Emma.



Emma delivered her message as the keynote speaker at our staff conference with clarity, common sense and, most importantly, passion and belief in everyone’s ability to take responsibility and make improvements in our own and others’ lives.

The feedback I continue to receive on the positive impact of Emma’s message clearly demonstrates the power of her message and her skill in delivering it with warmth, humour and feeling.

Helen Bayne, HR Director, The Link Group.


What Clients Say

Emma played an instrumental role in helping us to reorder our priorities and to formulate practical steps toward changing our behaviours and actions. Her coaching and facilitation were critical to the success of our leadership development program; and her common sense insights, in relation to organizational culture and individual self-improvement, meant that even the most reluctant participants feel they have benefited greatly.


Paul Renz, Partner, Scott Moncrieff

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Emma for five years now. During that time, Emma has made a significant contribution to the training and development programs at the firm, taking the lead on creating, developing and running leadership development programs for our partner and associate groups. Feedback on the sessions is consistently positive, and I can honestly say that her work has helped us to shape how we conduct ourselves in the business. Over this period, Emma has also operated as a coach for a number of people. Again, the feedback is always positive, and there are real tangible examples of how Emma has made a difference. Emma’s approach to leadership training and coaching is innovative and creative, and more importantly, she has been able to influence change, truly getting the best out of people.”


Kirstie MacLennan, HR Director

I first met Emma during the tender process to support our firm’s leadership development program. I selected Emma due to her credible background of working with professional service firms and, more importantly, her ability to establish the requirements of the program at our initial meeting. Emma helped me to shape my thinking into a practical but inspiring program, and while working with Emma, I felt extremely motivated and excited about the results of the program. Emma’s initial meetings with partners, directors and managers were a fantastic success; she generated an environment where senior partners shared key business problems, and Emma’s incredible coaching style identified goals to be achieved by both the business and individuals. Emma’s credible background and amazing coaching style creates fantastic opportunities for people to develop themselves. Personally, Emma has helped me to tackle some very challenging situations and behaviors. She achieves this in an incredibly positive way with a no-nonsense practical approach.”


Joanne Brooks, HR Director

Emma discovers and resolves the issues and barriers which might be severely limiting business and personal performance and yet can be too difficult for a board or an organization to acknowledge. She does this sensitively and incisively. Working with Emma improved my understanding of organizational behaviour and conflict resolution and made a significant contribution to my personal development, and thus my career.


Donald Forsyth, Partner, Ernst and Young, LLP

Emma is a uniquely talented individual who has the ability to offer imaginative and effective solutions to difficult behavioural and relationship situations. This is always offered in a supportive and encouraging way focusing on nurturing the talent of each individual to enable them to succeed and fulfil their full potential.


Elizabeth Dickson, HR Specialist

Emma has a steely determination to seek out the management challenges many would shy away from, but she does so with a perceptive understanding of each individual’s strengths and potential to lead. Her style is warm, calm and engaging but her purpose is resolute. Her approach is founded on the maxim that ‘behaviours breed behaviours’—that our values and behaviours as leaders must exemplify the change we wish to see in our people. Emma’s influence on our leadership development was so well received it has become the bedrock of a new strategy for the whole firm. With Emma’s leadership, we are now focused on stronger relationships within our workplace, which we know will have a positive impact on our work and our clients. In the great babble of leadership manuals, Emma’s is an intelligent voice worth listening to.


Gareth Magee, Partner, Scott Moncrieff

I and my colleagues on the senior staff team at Link engaged Emma to get us onto the leadership development journey some four years ago, and we have since taken advantage of—and benefited greatly from—embedding what we learned throughout the Link Group of social enterprise companies. And we have recently re-engaged her to review how we’ve done.
‘Leadership’ is a complicated and oft-misunderstood concept—but Emma ‘gets it!’ And by the time you’ve been through the process, you’ve ‘got it’ too.

Craig Sanderson, Chief Executive, Link Group Ltd


Emma’s input is always highly practical and focused on supporting leaders to get the most out of themselves and others.

Emma is extremely knowledgeable and perceptive in her interactions with the audience, and leaves individuals feeling inspired and empowered to make changes to their habits and interactions with others in order to fulfil personal potential and develop effective relationships.

Nicola Dudley, Deputy Director, Scottish Council of Independent Schools


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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no-one thinks of changing himself” Leo Tolstoy